Communication, cooperation and compassion (speech)

Denna skoluppgift var att hålla ett valfritt tal. Temat i talet är vikten av kommunikation, samarbete och medkänsla, på engelska blir det de tre c:na:  Communication, Cooperation and Compassion.

Skriven av: Emma Wikström.

Årskurs: 8.

What is the biggest world issue today? – Lack of communication, cooperation and compassion

Is the biggest world issue today global warming? Is the biggest world issue terrorism or is the biggest world issue war? I would say it’s none of them.

I would say that one of the biggest world issues is the lack of communication between our countries. However, how could this be possible when we have organizations like UN, EU, we have the internet and so on?! I think that this problem comes from our difficulty to see each other’s points of view. That we don’t listen to each other enough and that we in many cases think that we know the best even though we haven’t heard what the other person has to say.

Another thing I think that we need to become better at is to cooperate. We can’t stop the global warming, the deforestation and the overall pollution of our world all by ourselves. We need each other and we need to think global. And to be able to cooperate we need to communicate.

The third and last thing I want to emphasize is that I think that we need to improve our compassion. We need to care about each other and we need to care about our world! We only have one world and we share it with so many others! We can’t only think of ourselves or at least not if we want a green and happy world in the future. If we want a place where future generations can live. We need to care and we need to care now!

And by having compassion towards each other it would be easier to see each other’s points of view and therefore help us to communicate and cooperate.

The three words I’ve talked about I call the three C: s. Communication, Cooperation and Compassion and I think that these words can help the world.

So why don’t we follow the meaning of these words if they could help?

This I think I can answer. Because in this world we’ve never treated one another as equals and by doing so we’ve separated us. Ways of thinking like Racism, Nazism, Anti-Semitism and Nationalism help people to shut themselves in and shut the rest of the world out. Although we can’t do that if we want to save our world. Therefore we need to tear down the walls we’ve built and open our eyes and see the world as it truly is.

So if we could communicate, cooperate and have compassion towards each other I think that we could stop the global warming. However, if everyone understood and followed these words true meaning not only the global warming would cease. If everyone understood the words no one would be interested in war. No one would want to abuse children. No one would like to pollute our beautiful world. No one.

It’s time to make a change. The politicians need to cooperate and pass the frontiers of what we call countries. They need to listen and try to understand each other, to communicate and have compassion. However, it’s not only politicians that have the power to change. We the people have the power to change and together we’re strong. We the people have the power to change this world into its green and happier self again. To change this world into a world in peace.

It’s time to make a change!