English tribute speech (hyllningstal)


Uppgiften var att hålla ett hyllningstal till något eller någon i kursen Engelska C (3). Jag valde att hålla hyllningstalet till en personifierad version av Eiffeltornet.

Betyg: MVG

English tribute speech – (Eiffel tower)

Let me introduce you to a very special famous beauty. I will make a tribute to her and I think most people know her. Maybe it is because of her impressive height or her unique looks that make people love her. She used to be a symbol for the modern world.

She was raised by hardworking people in a city known for romance.

It was close that she was never created due to financial problems but luckily she was; however, some people still didn’t like the idea of having her.

First people didn’t appreciate her, she didn’t fit, but she went from an ugly duck to a beautiful swan and now the entire world likes her.

No one else has a neck like hers and her waist… wow… and by her feet people are standing in line.

Step by step is the best way to get to know her. She’s quiet but very present and hard to miss.

Every year she helps millions of people to see her remarkable view. She makes much visible and things look smaller.

I want to stay by her side for as long as possible, especially at night, when her body sparks like thousand stars and her eyes radiate delightfully. It’s a sight worth seeing.

For many it’s a dream come true to see her. I have seen her three times so far and she is quite fabulous. For being so old she looks amazing and hasn’t changed much. She’s now over hundred years old but still going strong.

Often you don’t talk about the weight; however, in this case it’s something impressive, 10 100 ton, and she is the tallest one in Paris with her 324 meters.

The iron lady, a masterpiece created by Gustav Eiffel, most commonly known as the Eiffel tower.

May she live forever!

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