Brave (Modig) film analysis

Analys av filmen Modig

Uppgiften var att reflektera över och analysera filmen Modig (eng. Brave) och skriva om vad den handlade om. Tidigare hade vi sett filmen Brave under lektionstid på engelska.

Kurs: Engelska C

Betyg: MVG

Brave is focusing on the mother-daughter relationship

From the day we are born until the day we die relationships are a very important part of our lives. We have to rely on adults as babies. Therefore, they are the most important persons in our lives, at that time. Furthermore, if you are lucky they will take care of you properly and love you.

Merida is loved by her parents and in her early years their relationship is quite perfect. However, when Merida gets older her mother and Merida’s opinions grow apart. Thus, here is where the problems begin. The queen seems to think her main purpose is to prepare Merida for her life as a future queen, whereas Merida wants to be free and shape her own life. Moreover, one day when Merida finds out she has to wed a stranger the tension between mother and daughter gets more intense. The queen has the position as mother and caretaker which gives her more authority than Merida. Merida challenges the status quo. Both are stubborn and won’t change their minds easily. In my opinion, this comic medieval Scottish movie illustrates a very clear image of a mother-daughter relationship with problems, perhaps not exactly as relationship problems of our time; however, not far from it.

Throughout the movie Brave Queen Elinor and Princess Merida are struggling with their relationship.  What’s more, they have a problem with communication. One might say it’s a typical mother-daughter issue.  After reading Tartakovsky, Margarita (2011) 15 Insights on Improving Mother-Daughter Relationships, Psych Central, I could identify many scenes where Tartakovsky’s insights might come in handy. For instance, lack of communication, bad listening and attempt to involve a third part are found in the movie. In addition, forgiveness, quick repair of damage, make the first move, change yourself and put yourself in her shoes are utilized in the movie. To demonstrate, both Merida and the queen try to involve a third part to support them. King Fergus has little power in this dispute and wants to support his wife and daughter. Furthermore, in a quarrel one day, it goes out of hand and the queen throws Merida’s favorite bow in the fire, which is the peak of their dispute. Merida rides away in grief and anger. She wants to change the queen instead of changing herself, which in this case is understandable. When Merida returns home, the queen tries to reconcile with her and repair the damage.

After Merida accidentally manages to turn the queen into a bear, with the help of a witch, Merida and the queen have to cooperate. Merida has now the chance to talk to her mother and the queen has to listen. In the forest the queen learns that Merida’s hunting skills are useful and they start to have fun together.  Later on in the castle, Merida learns that she has use for the queen’s knowledge to be able to save the kingdom. Both start to understand each other, which is very important for great parent-child bond. In the end, both are prepared to change their minds.

In conclusion, some important lessons from the movie are that communication and understanding are necessary for a good relationship. Relationships are essential for one’s wellbeing and worth the effort as well as the time it takes to nourish it. Even though it can be difficult, you must do your best to find reconciliation and peace with those you love. It’s worth it.

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