The Golden Gate Bridge (speech)

Uppgiften var att hålla ett tal om ett utlottat ämne. Jag fick ämnet The Golden Gate Bridge och för att göra det lite roligare så förvandlade jag bron till kvinna.

Kurs: Engelska B

Betyg: MVG

The Golden Gate Bridge

I know a mysterious, attractive, deadly and expensive red iron beauty. She is a magnet for tourists from all over the world and suicidal persons. Soon she is 75 but still going strong. She is a bit rusty; however, a lot of men are taking care of her.

One day I wish to see her and drive over her with my car. It’s okay. 300 000 persons do it every day.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is considered to be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and has also the highest number of suicides in the world. It’s a symbol of California and has been declared one of the modern wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

It is a suspension bridge and has an attractive red color. It took four years to build the bridge and it opened on May 27th, 1937. Before the bridge was built, the only practical short route between San Francisco and what is now Marin County was by ferry across a section of San Francisco Bay.

The bridge has six lanes for cars, however, pedestrians and bicycles can pass the bridge, too. At night the bridge is closed for pedestrians due to the risk of suicide. Only three times has the bridge been closed because of strong winds. From time to time she disappears in thick foggy clouds

The total length of the Golden Gate Bridge is 2737 meters and the longest span is 1280 meters between the towers which are 227 meters high.

The height of the deck is between 66 and 75 meters depending on the tide. Over thousand persons have committed suicide from the bridge. The fall takes approximately four seconds and the speed when you hit the water is approximately 120 km/h. Those who don’t die of the impact with the water drown or die of the cold. The fatality risk is roughly 98%. Only 26 persons are known for surviving the jump.

To prevent suicide attempts, they have guards who can talk or wrestling down suicidal persons. There are also suicide hotline telephones.

The Golden Gate Bridge – although she is expensive and has taken many lives – she is needed and will remain for a long time in her red beauty.

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